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You can manage and control the network as you wish with our experienced and expert team mates. You can control your employees and prohibit access to documents and site entries that you do not want, you can turn off the Internet output of the computer you do not want through MAC address, you can provide security on the network and forward through ports. MSK Global is a reseller and partner of Huawei Firewalls, Palo Alto Firewals, Fortinet Firewall and Best Local brand of Turkey - Berqnet Firewalls.
We supply conditions of customer and budget true solution to our customers and partners


Access Point and Switch

We use our professional product devices and experienced team members to solve problems such as breakdown in the Internet network you have used in your office or work place while using wireless network and avoiding slowdowns. By making redirections with our professional devices, you can change your network structure and divide your local network into two and use your devices from each other.
MSK Global is Huawei 4 star CSP Network partner and also we supply and as a partner of Cisco, Hp-ARUBA, Ubiquiti, Extreme networks, Zyxel and Rujie switches.
We supply our partners and customers true-optimum solution and depending on their budget.


Fiber Optic Solutions

An optical fiber cable, also known as a fiber optic cable, is a device similar to an electrical cable, but includes one or more optical fibers used to convey light. Therefore, it is faster than the copper cabling system used today.
Our team of experts in fiber optic solutions with the latest technology is presented to your service without problems.
Fiber Optic Solutions
Fiber Cable Routing
Fiber Cable Drawing
Fiber Termination
Connection between Pigtail and Swichtes
Speed ​​Test


Copper Cable Network Solution

Category 6 cable or Cat 6 cable is a type of UTP cable that carries data at gigabit speed. Compared to the Cat 5 cable, it provides higher data throughput and is less affected by foreign signals. The Cat 6 can provide high performance up to 250mhz.
In accordance with your request or copper cable with our Uzaman October (CAT5, CAT6, CAT7) with the latest technology offers trouble-free service.
Copper Cable Network Solutions
Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 cable routing Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 Cable Drawing
Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 end termination
Finding and replacing a broken cable
Speed ​​Test

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