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Conventional Fire Detection Systems

In conventional systems, the detection panel used in traditional flood type fire alarm systems. The connection of the detection devices consists of zones. The number of zones of the sensing panel is related to the capacity of the panel. It is established as 4, 8, 16 zones. It is possible to define zones with increment or repetition panels for more zone increment. In the system, fire or malfunction information is displayed on the panel on a zone basis. The building where the system is installed is divided into sections. This partitioning can be done on a floor, zone or building basis. It is unlike addressable systems, they are slightly more affordable systems. In this System, cable installation is made according to the number of zones to be created. In our systems, up to 20 detectors can be connected to each zone. A fire alarm button can be used as many times as customer desired. The Bell cable is pulled separately from the panel. We provide project to you by MSK's professional engineers and consultants are tailored for you and are also supervised by our professional team. Our conventional system fire alarm control panels, which offer economical solutions for small-scale applications, have a modern exterior appearance and are produced with surface mounting technology production technique. We establish all systems by MSK's proffesional team as best price/performance fire detection systems for you. The panel also has inputs and outputs to connect fire alarm buttons and sirens(bells). In this way, when any detector detects or when the fire alarm button is pressed, the warning signal of that region is displayed on that panel on the panel. It is a general notification system on a regional or building basis. If we need to give an example; If any detector detects in a zone where 20 detectors are connected, a warning will occur in that zone. However, it cannot be determined by which detector the warning is given. If you want to determine, ask the MSK to establish an Addressable fire detection system.

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Intelligence Fire Detection Systems

MSK offers you the best detection and fire automation technology in the market with MSK addressed intelligence intelligence detection systems. It aims to present the devices produced in our country (Turkey) to you by using systems that are 100% domestic production. In this way, it is a duty to provide products with affordable prices and spare parts prices. Addressable systems can operate between each other and communication between panels can be obtained from the detection devices at the far end. The received information can be monitored from the desired place with repeat panels and monitoring control can be provided via PC graphics software. You can see which region, which room, or even your detector (detection device) has given a warning when addressed in addressed systems. Using innovative smart devices enables you to use more technological products that are open to the future. These fire detection devices produce high technology and performance solutions. MSK Global is always with you to discover and adapt for the right solution.

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