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Server Ram, Sas Disks, Processor,Mainboard ..

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Mark Product Code Explanation Stock
HP 712317-421 MicroServer Gen8 Celeron G1610T, 2GB RAM 4LFF, B120İ 200W PS No
DELL PET203 PowerEdge T20, Intel Xeon E3-1225v3,4GB,1TB SATA Yes
HP 822448-425 ML10 v2 E3-1220v3 8GB-U B120i 4LFF 1x1TB NHP ODD 350W PS Yes
IBM 2582K9G IBM 2582K9G X3100 M4 XEON E3-1220 4Gb/1×500/4U No
DELL T110535S1P1B-1M4 SER T110 II E3-1220V2 ,1x4GB,1x1TB, FND Yes
IBM 2582KCG Express 2582KCG X3100 M4 EXPRESS E3-1220v2 4GB 2x1TB SS 3.5 SR C100 MUL No
IBM 2583KEG IBM SRV 2583KEG EXPRESS X3250M4 E3-1230v2 4G 500G SR C100 MULTIBURNER No
DELL R220135S1P1B-1S1 PowerEdge R220 E3-1220v3,4GB UDIMM, 2TB HDD Yes
HP 788079-425 DL60 Gen9 E-2603v3 1X4GB ,4LFF,Disksiz Non Hot plug, DVD-RW, 550W Yes
HP HPML10-DS416 HP ML10v2 E3-1220v3 + SYNOLOGY DS416 Yes
HP 780851-425 ML150 Gen9 E5-2609v3 1x8GB, 10LFF, 1TB LFF SATA, DVD,RW,1x550W, Tower, Yes
DELL T110535H2P1B-1M5 SER T110 II E3-1220V2 ,1x8GB,2x1TB, FND Yes
HP 794997-425 ML110 Gen9 E5-2620v3 8GB-R B140i 4LFF 1x1TB 350W PS Yes
HP 788149-425 DL80 Gen9 E5-2603v3 , 1x4GB, 8LFF, Disksiz, 550W PS No
HP 776274-421 ML150 Gen9 E5-2603v3 1x4GB,4LFF, Disksiz Non-Hot Plug, 500W, Tower Yes
HP 788098-425 DL120 Gen9 E5-2620v3 8GB-R H240 8SFF 500W PS Yes
DELL R220135S1P1B-1S2 PowerEdge R220 E3-1241V3,8GB,2x2TB Yes
DELL T110535H2P1B-1M7 SER T110 II E3-1240v2 ,2x8GB,2x2TB, FND Yes
HP 784107-425 DL180 Gen9 E5-2609v3, 1x8GB, 4LFF, Disksiz, 550W PS Yes
HP 780852-425 ML150 Gen9 E5-2620v3 1x16GB, 10LFF,1TB non Hot Plug, DVD-RW, 550W PS No
HP 783364-425 DL160 Gen9 E5-2609v3, 1x8GB,4-LFF Non-hot Plug, disksiz, 550W PS Yes
HP K8J92A DL160 Gen9 E5-2603v3, 1x8GB, 2TB SATA Non Hot Plug, 550W PS Yes
DELL R220135H3P1B-1B1 PowerEdge R220 E3-1270 v3,8GB Memory,2x2TB HDD No
DELL R320135S1P1N-1C1 SER-R320 E5-2403v2,4GB,2X 1TB HDD No
DELL R220135H3P1B-1C1 PowerEdge R220 E3-1271v3,8GB,2x2TB Yes
DELL R720225H3P1B-1L2 PowerEdge SER-R720 E5-2609v2,8GB RDIMM No
HP K8J97A DL180 Gen9 E5-2609v3, 2x8GB, 2x1TB ,550W PS Yes
HP K8J93A DL160 Gen9 E5-2609v3 1P 16GB-R SATA 2TB 550W PS Yes
HP 776974-425 ML350 Gen9 E5-2603v3,1x16GB, 8SFF, Disksiz, DVD-RW,500W, Tower No
DELL R730225H3P1B-1L1 PowerEdge R730 E5-2603 v3,8GB RDIMM,No Hard Drive Yes
DELL R730235H3P1B-1L1 PowerEdge R730 E5-2603 v3,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
IBM 7383K3G x3500 M4 Xeon 6C E5-2620 2.0GHz, 1x8GB, 10k 2.5″, M5110, 2x750W No
DELL R620125H7P1N-1D1 SER-R620 E5-2609 2.40GHz,8 GB , no dısk No
DELL R630225H3P1B-1L2 PowerEdge R630 Server E5-2609 v3,8GB RDIMM No
DELL R420135H7P1N-1E1 PowerEdge R420,E5-2403 v2 ,8GB RDIMM No
DELL R320135S1P1N-1B2 PowerEdge R320 E5-1410,8GB, 2x2TB No
DELL R730225H3P1B-1L2 PowerEdge R730 E5-2609 v3,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
DELL R730235H3P1B-1L2 PowerEdge R730 E5-2609 v3,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
HP 766342-B21 DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v3, 1x8GB, 4LFF, Disksiz, 500W PS Yes
DELL R320135S1P1N-1C2 SER-R320 E5-1410 V2,8GB,2X2TB HDD No
DELL R720225H7P1N-1D1 SER-R720 E5-2609 8GB no dısk No
DELL R630225H3P1B-1L3 PowerEdge R630 Server E5-2620 v3,8GB RDIMM Yes
DELL R520235H7P1N-1E2 SER-R520 E5-2407v2,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD No
DELL R730225H3P1B-1L3 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
DELL R730235H3P1B-1L3 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
DELL R520235H7P1N-1D4 SER-R520,E5-2430,1x8GB, no disk No
DELL R420135H7P1N-1E2 PowerEdge R420, Intel Xeon E5-2407 v2 ,1x8GB no disk No
HP M2G19A DL180 Gen9 E5-2620v3 , 1x8GB, 8FF, 2x300B, 900W PS Yes
DELL R520235H7P1N-1E3 SER-R520 E5-2420 v2,8GB RDIMM,NO HDD No
HP K8J99A ML350 Gen9 E5-2620v3 1x16GB,8SFF, 2X300GB Hot Plug, 550W PS Yes
DELL R720225H7P1N-1E1 SER-R720 E5-2609v2,8GB RDIMM,no HDD Yes
IBM 7915E6G Express 7915E6G X3650 M4 E5-2620v2 8GB 2x300GB SR M5110e MULTIBURNER No
DELL R730225H3P1B-1L4 PowerEdge R730 E5-2630 v3,8GB RDIMM, NO HD Yes
DELL R730235H3P1B-1L4 PowerEdge R730 E5-2630 v3,8GB RDIMM, NO HDD No
HP 752686-B21 DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v3 ,1x8GB, 8SFF, Disksiz,500W PS No
IBM 7915E9G IBM Express x3650 M4, Xeon 6C E5-2640 95W 2.0GHz/1333Mhz/15MB, 1x8GB, No
DELL R720225H7P1N-1E2 SER-R720 E5-2620v2,8GB RDIMM,no HDD No
HP 774437-425 DL360 Gen9 E5-2620v3, 1x16GB, 2x300GB Hot plug , 500W PS No
HP K8P43A DL380 Gen9 E5-2609v3,1x16GB, 2x300GB Hot Plug, DVD-RW, 500W PS Yes
HP 733733-421 DL360p Gen8 E5-2630v2 1P 16GB-R P420i/1GB FBWC 460W PS No
HP 704559-421 DL380p Gen8 E5-2630v2 1x16Gb, 8SFF, Disksiz, 460W PS No
HP M6V63A DL180 Gen9 E5-2620v3 1P 32GB-R SATA 4TB 2x900W PS Yes
HP 768346-425 DL380 Gen9 E5-2603v3 2X8GB, 8SFF,2x300GB Hot Plug, DVD-RW, 500W PS Yes
IBM 7383K1G x3500 M4 Xeon 6C E5-2620 2.0GHz, 1x8GB, 3x300GB 10k 2.5″, M5110, 2x750W No
DELL R720225H7P1N-1E3 SER-R720 E5-2630v2,8GB RDIMM,no HDD No
DELL R520235H7P1N-1D5 SER-R520,E5-2450,1x8GB, no disk No
DELL R730225H7P1N-1K1 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,2x8GB RDIMM,3x300GB No
DELL R730235H7P1N-1D2 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,8GB,NoHDD Yes
DELL R730225H7P1N-1D2 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,8GB,NoHDD Yes
IBM 7383K7G x3500 M4 Xeon 6C E5-2620v2 2.1GHz, 1x8GB, 3x300GB 10k 2.5″, M5110, No
HP 752687-B21 DL380 Gen9 E5-2620v3,1x16GB, 8SFF, Disksiz, 500W PS Yes
HP K8P42A DL380 Gen9 v3 E5-2620v3 1x16GB, 8SFF, 3x300GB SAS Hot Plug, 2X 500W PS Yes
DELL R430135H7P1N-1M1 PowerEdge R430 E5-2609v3,8GB RDIMM,3x300GB Yes
DELL T430535H7P2N-1M2 PowerEdge T430 E5-2620v3,2x8GB RDIMM,3x2TB Yes
DELL R730235H7P1N-1D3 PowerEdge R730 E5-2630v3,8GB,NoHDD Yes
DELL R730225H7P1N-1D3 PowerEdge R730 E5-2630 v3,8GB,NoHDD Yes
DELL R730225H7P1N-1K2 PowerEdge R730 E5-2630 v3,2x8GB RDIMM,3x600GB Yes
HP 755262-B21 HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9 E5-2630v3 1P 16GB-R P440ar 500W PS No
DELL R530235H7P1N-1M2 PowerEdge R530 E5-2620v3,2x8GB ,3x2TB Yes
DELL T630535H7P1N-1M2 PowerEdge T630 Server E5-2620 v3,8GB RDIMM,3x300GB Yes
DELL R730XD2H7P2N-1K1 PowerEdge R730xd E5-2609,2x8GB,2x120GB SSD,3x2TB NLS Yes
DELL R730225H7P2N-1M1 PowerEdge R730 E5-2620 v3,2x8GB RDIMM,3x300GB No
DELL A-SR720-019E PowerEdge R720 E5-2630V2,2x8GB,3x600GB No
DELL R730XD2H7P2N-1K2 PowerEdge R730xd E5-2620v3 ,2x8GB,3x4TB,2x120GB Yes
DELL R730225H7P2N-2D4 PowerEdge R730 E5-2640 v3,2x8GB RDIMM,No Hard Drive No
DELL R730235H7P2N-2D4 PowerEdge R730 E5-2640 v3,2X8GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
DELL R720235H7P2N-2E5 SER-R720 2xE5-2650v2,4x16GB RDIMM No
DELL R730225H7P2N-2D5 PowerEdge R730 2x E5-2650 v3,2X16GB RDIMM,No Hard Drive Yes
DELL R730235H7P2N-2D5 PowerEdge R730 E5-2650 v3,2X16GB RDIMM,NO HDD No
DELL R730225H7P2N-2P5 PowerEdge R730 2xE5-2650 v3,2x16GB,2x120GBSSD Yes
HP 752689-B21 DL380 Gen9 E5-2650v3 , 2x16GB, 8SFF,disksiz, 2x800W PS Yes
HP 709943-421 DL380p Gen8 E5-2690v2, 2P ,2X16GB, 8SFF, Hot plug, 2x750W PS Yes
DELL R730225H7P2N-2D7 PowerEdge R730 E5-2670 v3,2x16GB RDIMM,NO HDD Yes
DELL R730225H7P2N-2P7 PowerEdge R730 2xE5-2670v3,2x16GB,2x120GB SSD No
DELL R730235H7P2N-2D7 PowerEdge R730 2xE5-2670v3,2x16GB RDIMM,NoHDD Yes
DELL R730235H7P2N-2D8 PowerEdge R730 E5-2690v3,2x16GB,no hdd No
HP 803861-B21 DL380 Gen9 E5-2690v3, 2P, 2x16GB, 8SFF, Disksiz, 2x800W PS Yes
DELL R820225H7P2M-4B2 SER-R820 4xE5-4610,8x8GB ,2x300GB No
DELL A-SR820003E PowerEdge R820 No