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Uninterruptible Power Supplies-UPS


What is UPS?

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) operate continuously and prevent interruption in power outages. There are 2 types of online and line interactive.

Customized Long-Term Time Power Supplies; It is used to prevent long -term power as well as to prevent disruption after power failure. For this reason, UPS is supported with special production cabin and additional battery.

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  • Monophase Line Series Power Supplies  :600 VA , 650 Va, 800 VA , 850 VA ,1000 VA , 1500VA , 2000 VA, 3000 Va.
  • Monophase Online Serial Power Supplies  : 1 KVa, 2 KVa, 3 KVa, 5KVa, 6Kva, 10Kva, 15 KVa, 20 Kva.
  • Three Phase Input Monophase Output Power Supplies (3 inputs – 1 output) : 10 KVa, 15 KVa, 20KVa, starting from 30 KVa up to 300 KVa is produced. The desired size of UPS can be produces by parallel connection technique.
  • Three Phase Input Three Phase Output Power supplies (3 inputs – 3 outputs)  : 20 Kva to 600 KVa UPS is available.
    UPS can be produced with Parallel Tying technique.
  • Rack Type Uninterruptible Power Supplies  : Line and online monophase power supplies. The most used models are 1 KVa, 2Kva and 3 KVa models. Available in 6 and 10 Kva Ups. It is used to protect more information technology products such as server and IT rooms and to prevent power outages.
  • Modular and Dynamic UPS  : Dynamic UPS is a highly efficient full dynamic UPS that meets the toughest electrical demands of the most modern electronic loads.

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What is Regulator ?

Sudden drops or surges in electrical voltages due to the lack of energy infrastructure in your area in various regions of the world cause damage to electrical devices. The regulator was developed to avoid such problems. Thanks to the regulators, low voltage voltages are increased and high electrical voltages are reduced. The regulators are used to fix the desired voltage

  • Three Phase Regulator
  • Monophase Regulator
  • Sevo Regulator

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