Barsum Software

Barsum BillWorks

Automated billing system Barsum Bill Works is a replicated billing system of highest level, aimed to be used in networks with up to 1 000 000 users. (conformance certificate ССС № ОС-3-СТ-0526)

Customer retention and attraction of new ones frequently makes operators develop complicated tariffication systems and use fancy discounts algorithms. At the same time new tariff implementation should not be time-consuming. АBS Barsum Bill Works helps to solve such problems in the best way possible.

Telecommunication services providers who work with dispersed switch nodes get an opportunity of billing-center establishment with the use of special means of information collection and delivery that do not require additional human participation.

ABS Barsum Bill Works includes automation modules for all fundamental processes that are connected with client service and billing. Moreover the system is easily integrated with various specialized applications.

Reasonable pricing policy makes this product available for a wide range of telecommunication services providers.

Barsum Enterprise

Barsum Enterprise is a universal system of telecom expense management aimed to be used in distributed departamental networks. It helps to provide tariffication (calculation of network usage costs), create analytical and statistical reports. Barsum Enterprise system is a software platform for telephone calls registration and analysis.

Barsum Enterprise system allows to control effectiveness of telecommunication equipment usage and its usage by employees. The first aspect helps to decrease telecommunication expenses by technical tools management (internal network structure in particular), and the second one increases effectiveness of telecommunication means usage by organizational and administrative measures application that also leads to telecommunication expense reduction.

First of all, system installation procedure is run. System is installed on the server (compatible with multiprocessor systems) by connection with PBX or through serial interface RS-232 with the use of Ethernet interface. In order to allocate load on different hardware computing facilities different processes (data collection, tariffication, database management) can be run on separate servers.

Barsum Enterprise considers working in distributed networks with various models of cross-connect equipment. At the same time data can be received from remote commutators with the use of LAN/WAN networks or special equipment (hardware-based buffer) though PSTN.[

Barsum Alarm Monitor

Barsum Alarm Monitor

What is it used for?

  • Prevention of unauthorized access to telecommunication equipment resources.
  • Accuracy analysis of network building topology.
  • Control of non-business usage of corporate network by employees.

Main capabilities

  • Possibility of optional template creation with numerous parameters of possible off-optimum situations.
  • Notification system for off-optimum situations and deviation from preset templates by audiovisual signals, E-mail, SMS, and by conducting a call to a control staion with audio-message playback.
  • Automatic report formation according to preset regularity or on demand.
  • Efficient detection of errors and misuses of corporate network by company employees.
  • Additional tools for analysis of equipment parameters statistics.


  • Compatibility with all telecommunication hardware types.
  • Possibility to scale the complex from several to dozens communication centers.
  • Contemporary programming architecture that allows to establish effective data exchange and interaction with other information systems.
  • Is delivered in a module form that allows to set the solution with maximum possible fitting to company objectives.
  • Domestically produced.
  • Barsum possesses 16 years competence in the market.

Barsum Wi-Fi

What is Barsum Wi-Fi?

Barsum Wi-Fi — is a universal software platform for Wi-Fi zone deployment with hot-spot equipment of any producers.

Main functions of Barsum Wi-Fi — are control of network access and billing, however the platform includes all service functions necessary for fledged hot-spot functioning, such as generation of PIN-codes for access cards, flexible tariffication system, prepaid/postpaid payment bases, integration with PMS and other billing systems and others.

Barsum Wi-Fi is an ideal stand-alone solution for commercial provision of Internet access in a separate object which can also serve as a component of software complex of Internet-operator dealing with accounting and management of wireless networks on clients’ faciities.

Software complex of Barsum Wi-Fi is a component of Automated Calculation System “Barsum Bill Works” (Conformance Certificate CCC ОС-3-СТ-0526) and is aimed to provide billing procedures and clients autorization in broad-band networks of wireless access of IEEE 802.11x (Wi-Fi) standard.

Barsum Office/Pro

Barsum Office and Barsum Pro tariffs are the leaders in sales in the class of accounting and tariffing systems for private branch exchanges (PBX). The history of their appearance in the domestic market has more than twenty years (since the end of 1995).

Currently, there are more than 7,000 installations of these tariff systems in Russia and the CIS countries, users of which are companies representing various sectors of the economy – oil and gas companies, financial institutions, transport and trading companies, and the hotel business.

Information on the most well-known users of Barsum products is presented in the Barsum Customers section.

The Barsum Office / Pro tariff provides not only the possibility of determining the cost of traffic and accounting for its use by employees and departments, but also allows for the collection and centralized processing of information in large companies whose communication networks consist of several PBXs of various manufacturers and models geographically separated from each other. friend over a large area.

Separately, it is necessary to note the widespread use of the Pro version as a settlement system with customers in the hotel business. Barsum Pro billing system integrates with the most common hotel management systems (PMS – Property Management System). Interfaces to PMS such as Edelweiss, Fidelio, LodgingTouch LIBICA are developed.

The Barsum Pro users are such well-known hotels: Radisson SAS Royal Hotel (St. Petersburg), Grand Hotel Europe (St. Petersburg), President Hotel (Moscow), Aerostar Hotel (Moscow), Olympic Penta Renaissance Hotel (Moscow) and others .